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Main » 2011 » July » 3 » Moderator Applications.
1:04 AM
Moderator Applications.
Go here to read the news!
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7 Skid6666  
''Facepalm'' LOL If you red the news first you wouldve known what and what not to do..... LMAO

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8 Ketchup_Monki  
If you could spell I might pay attention to what you just said...

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9 Skid6666  
If you could understand the fact that english is not my first language maybe i might pay attention to your fucking stupid asshat reply

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6 bornassassin456  
I would really enjoy being a mod, I always help people when i am free and i am already a REG so u dont have to worry about me not ever being on.
I want to be a mod because i would like the oppertunity to stand out and help other people and see the server like i do.
I will try to make everyone fit in and have a great time on the server.


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5 Eljacko  
ya I thought that when I posted as well :S

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4 Ketchup_Monki  
Plus it has only just occurred to me that this might just be trying to make us aware of the thread on the forums, and not actually menna be the place to apply! Was just following what everyone else was doing!! My bad... :P

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3 Ketchup_Monki  
I'd also very much like to be a mod...Not sure what what is wanted in the application though, so I will just use a template from another mod application from an old server... xD

Alex (Ketchup_Monki in game!)


Time spent on the server:
A couple of months, I guess?

Why you would like to be a mod:
I would like to become a mod so it is a lot easier to help players and fix up destroyed stuff on the server (As I currently already do, along with eljacko), as well as work on a few big personal projects that would not be possible with a normal user!

How do we know you will do the job properly:
I have been playing on the server a while now, so I see how other mods operate. I have also been a mod on other old minecraft servers...

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2 Eljacko  
Can I become a mod please, most of you guys know me and have seen what I have built. I get on well with the Moderators and OP's and others on the server and I often help others building houses or when they have redstone problems.

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1 EAC_RaGE  
Can i be a MOD
im all ready a REG on the server

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