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When the next Minecraft update comes out, please be patient with the updating of the server. We must wait for all our plugins and software to be updated. If you wish to play, do not upgrade until the server is updated.

The server was founded by an elite group known as The New Fags. They formed the historic cities that were once alive and well. One day, an earthquake shook the world and destroyed those cities, causing the elite group to disband. Then one of The New Fags, known as Wickot, took it upon himself to form a new world. He gathered some new players to help him moderate and administer to the new world. With this new group of players, they formed an even greater world after many a trial. As the new world stands now, it is a glorious sight to behold, being moulded and formed by the new inhabitants. A grand castle stands over the main city with a grand shop known as Tesco standing by with all your supplies. There are also many villages scattered throughout the land. Won't you come and join us in this new world? We will gladly except you. With this new world, we carry a new name...Meepcraft!!!

Server Features:

  • Bukkit
  • Economy (iConomy)
  • Anti-Grief
  • iConomy Chest Shops
  • Homes
  • Lockable Chests
  • Villages & Towns (All player made)
  • Official Cities (built by Staff)
  • Spleef/PvP Tournaments

Server IP:
If you are having issues use this IP instead:

Please help our server by Donating.
Perks of being a Donator are as follows:

  • Free Protection of Homes/Shops
  • Ability to Make Chest Shops
  • Ability to use Flying Mod
  • Yellow Name and Special Name Prefix


  • Wickot
  • Anonanon007
  • GSmily
  • AlexDGr8r


  • Connorosorio
  • RoDragon131
  • TheBanus
  • Due62
  • Stefenatefun

Our Glorious Donators

  • BobWhiskey
  • ChickenMen
  • Forness
  • Ketchup_monki
  • Orangeblub
  • Adamasta
  • amodking
  • eljacko558
  • gbengraff
  • guinscorp
  • kesselx
  • madpeople
  • mattkiller0605
  • paintballharo
  • rifRipley
  • ruudscorp
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Tip of the Day
Private your chests and doors by placing a sign on the ground or wall in front/behind/beside them. Then type [private] on the top line.
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