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Forum » Server » General Discussion » TO ADMINS (STEPHENADY)
stephenadyDate: Tuesday, 2011-08-30, 6:48 AM | Message # 1
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I dont know what im doing but I was told to come here and describe my problem and how it happened. I dont now if I posted this in the right place but im sure someone will read it......Right? Well heres what happened....I went back to spawn but I didnt walk....I didnt fly eather....I typed /spawn...I left spawn and started looking for a shop becuase I had never bought anything before....So when I was done messing around with the shops I was just outside looking around with pvp off just like everyone else at spawn....and then I looked up and saw 2 guys with full dimond armor and swords Eyeballing me from a window in a 2 story house... They looked cool so I wanted to say hi...I tried to open the door on the gate but it was locked...I dont remember how I got over the gate because its been past 2 weeks since this all happened...but I remember that they ran down the stairs because I got over the gate somehow...then I ran in the backyard because I thought they were coming to kill im in the backyard but I cant get away because its fenced in...By the time they got there I had broken part of a tree and put a block down so I cloud get over the im on the fence but I cant jump off because its on a cliffside and I dont want to hurt my I run along the fence that keeps geting 1 block higher with every step...and when I get to the end of the fence im on its 2 storys high and im on the side of the house...and so I thought I would break 2 wood blocks in the side of the house so I could get in and run down the stairs and out the door and over the fence but when I brake those 2 blocks theres a chest im my why and almost right then and there a admin spawns me in the zoo and im like WTF I only broke 2 wood blocks I could give it back but none of the admins listen to me...and so here I am 2 weaks later in the awsome sever but I cant get out of the zoo. So if someone could get me stephenady out of the zoo I would really like that. I like the sever and I have like 3 friends on there but im stuck in the zoo so I cant play with them. And thats all I have to say about that so plz get me out of the zoo im not a bad guy ask ORANGE he will say im roudy but ill lend people a hand if they ask for it.
jamiebiffy98Date: Sunday, 2011-09-04, 4:04 PM | Message # 2
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Go to thats the new site
Forum » Server » General Discussion » TO ADMINS (STEPHENADY)
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