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Main » 2011 » July » 20 » Multiworld Added!!!
4:09 AM
Multiworld Added!!!
So we had some downtime there for a little bit, but we are back up now! Here are the list of changes/features we've done:

1. New World!! - The way it works with survival is that after a little while of playing on the same world, you build up to a point where you have it made. You have diamond armor and diamond swords and diamond houses and diamond food get my point. So we sometimes reset the world to help further the experience. (It also happens when people spawn diamond blocks due to a glitch and place them all over the world)

2. Multiworld - We've added the capability of multiple worlds. Right now we only have one extra as we test to see how it effects our server. We may add more if the server is stable enough for it. With mutiworld, we can not only make portals to different worlds but to other places in the world as well. You'll see a sort of portal room once you step outside the castle at spawn. These portals go to various different places in the world as well as the other worlds.

3. Regulars+ world! - This world is only meant for Regulars+. There is a portal at the portal room near spawn to go to this world. If you value your stuff, I recommend you close the door at the spawn in the Regulars+ world. We are still trying to figure out how to protect the world itself, but we will figure it out very soon.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

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