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Main » 2011 » August » 7 » Meepcraft Battle Report #2556
4:14 AM
Meepcraft Battle Report #2556

On August 6th 2011, the once wondrous lands of Meepcraft were attacked by the notorious SHE... We had recent intel saying that she would be attacking but we did not think she would come so quickly. Her evil forces raided upon our beloved castle faster than we could fight them off. Fortunately, we had setup a hidden citadel with our allies known as the Imperial Guard. They were happy enough to supply us with a new, safe world to house our players. This new world has had some inhabitants before we arrived so players may find new cities and other types of civilizations. If players need to travel back to the old meepcraft ruins, they would need only to head to our new portal room underneath the Imperial Guard Citadel.

We hope all players will have a much better experience in this new world. We have no intention of moving any old buildings to this new world. All buildings will need to be rebuilt. Materials may be transferred from old world to new if needed, but no staff member will be helping in this transferal.

Let's just hope SHE never returns again.

Signed - AlexDGr8r
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why has meepcraf been down so long im bored with my other servers

good eavening people and who is SHE?

Are you having a good vacation due??
Where are u anyway and hope your holiday is good

alex do we still have the saves? lol im typing this at a hotel im on vacation!

Old world and all it's beings are still there. There is a portal underneath the new spawn that leads to it if you need to head there.

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