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Main » 2011 » July » 21 » Books and Jobs
6:50 PM
Books and Jobs
Yesterday we added two new plugins: Books and Jobs.

You can write a book by crafting a book then holding it in your hand. Then type /write <titleOfBook>. After that, just keep doing /write <text> until you have finished your book. Then you can read your book by right-clicking with it in your hand. You can also store it in bookshelves by just punching a bookshelf with the book in your hand. You can make a copy of your book by punching the bookshelf again with nothing in your hand. For more commands with books, do /write -help.

Jobs is just another way you can make money on Meepcraft. You can look at all the jobs by doing /jobs browse. You can see more info on the job by doing /jobs info <JobName>. Then you can join the job by doing /jobs join <JobName>. Also, don't forget that already make money by just mining ores and other things. If you place cake on the ground, you get money. If you harvest crops with your fist, then you get money. We're trying to influence the economy.

If you have anymore suggestions for plugins, please submit them on the Suggestions Forum.

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I think this is a great addition!

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